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Richard III - Rosemary Branche Pub Theatre

Posted by Jacquee51 on January 31, 2017 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Southend actress, Elena Clements is currently performing as Buckingham in Richard III at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in Islington. Southend Theatre Scene popped along to support Elena and Jacquee Storozynski was on hand to give us a fabulous Review. Check it out - there's still time to go and see the play which is running until the end of next week. Click the link below to find out more!…;




Interview with PJ Proby - Sixties Gold Tour 2016

Posted by Jacquee51 on July 12, 2016 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (1)

 My itnerview with a good old boy from Texas

It RUns in the Family

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Lindisfarne had a very successful production of It Runs in the Family by Ray Coonery.  This was a particularly successful play as apart from sell out audiences we had the playwright himself appearing at the end to congratulate us.

Winter's Tale

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At last we have finished a production of WInter's Tale performed by SOuthend SHakespeare.  This version had live skiffle music and everyone dancing to Jump DOwn Turn Around  doing swing around dozey doh.  Then we were entertained by amusing Morris men dancing to the Lollypop Man with rude lyrics.  It was hard work set in the forties and fifties.APart from being bashed and bruised in dances I fell over during the get out and landed with a flat on my backside and have several new bruises.  There were sell out houses and everyone enjoyed it so that was a plus- now I have to get my head around my production of Home and Beauty and sort out the audition pieces.

When We Are Married

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Had a great production of When we Are Married by J B Priestley.  The seats sold like hotcakes and there was very nearly a black market going in people trying to buy tickets.  Some people did not get any and missed a great performance by Southend Shakespeare.  There were lots of laughs during rehearsal especially when  one of the actors kept getting his words in a twist and referred to the Wesleyan chapel as the Lesbian chapel,  Great costumes and great actinfg

Stratford on Avon

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Had a great time going to see the Roaring Girls by Middleton and Dekker - Such energy and pace.  All helped by the fact that my husband had difficulty sitting in the front row of the balcony as it was so cramped and small.  I laughed so much at his struggles the staff found us two seats by the stage - I couldn't have been closer if I tried.  We did get soaked in the rain scene but the next day in Stratford I had to run from shop to shop with a newspaper on my head during a torrential downpour, so the night before was a practice run.

We then went to see HenryIV pts 1 and 2.  I really enjoyed the first part buy I find Falstaff in the second an irration.  I may be a lone voice but I just  wanted him to get off the stage.  Also the poignant dramatic moments when you realise that Prince Hal is going to be different when he is King weren't made enough of.  However, lovely times

Supporting artistes

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Another bout of filming and what's more back in the supermarket.  I must look like the average shopper and yet again it was the Co-op only this time in Carshalton.  It took ages to get there and I had to stand at the till passing my shopping over to the checkout whilst a Chinese lady had a conversation with a youth behind me.  The funniest bit was trying to put all the shopping back on the shelves when the filming was over.  It was also amusing the number of people who tried to get in when the shop was quite obviously shut.  Then manager said that they often had trolley loads of stuff vanish out of the doors unpaid for.  Not sure how they get away with that.

Supporting artistes

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Spent a day filming at Sainsburys in Walthamstow/Chingford.  Had to wander up and down doing shopping in the aisle with Richard Ayoade and Jimmy Doherty.  Richard is a tall thin black person in an orange suit with trousers too short for his blue socks.  Jimmy apparently is a friend of Jamie Oliver and cooks and runs a farm.  Met a nice crowd but they didn't let us keep the shopping.  It is on in October apparently and galled Gadgetman


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No wonder the NHS is going broke when they employ hundreds of Locums and agency nursers.  The agency gets a share of the salary paid to the employee and if they quict or change contracts the agency demands a fortune in recompense.  Something wrong somewhere me thinks.